Blade Info

Diamond Blade Description

A diamond blade is a circular steel disc with a diamond bearing edge. The diamond edge comes in Three main styles:

Segmented, Continuous Rim, or Turbo.

The blade core (or blank) is a precision made steel disc, which sometimes has slots. These slots (also called gullets) provide cooling by allowing water and or air to flow between the segments. The gullets (or slots) also relieve stress and help prevent cracking of the core. They allow the core flexibility while under cutting pressure.

Blade cores are pre-tensioned at the factory so the blade will run true and straight at pre-determined cutting speeds. This tensioning allows the blade to remain flexible enabling it to bend slightly under cutting pressure then return back to its original position. All blades are designed to run at certain rpm’s. While the tool or blade shaft is working it is essential for safety and optimum performance that they be run at the correct rpm.

Diamond segments (or rims) are made up of a metallurgical formula of diamonds and metal powders. Manufactured diamonds are primarily used in various grits, sizes, and qualities or grades. During the manufacturing process, the metal powder and diamond grit mixture is hot pressed at high temperatures to form a solid metal alloy. This is generally referred to as a bond (or matrix). The diamonds are held within this bond. The segment is slightly wider than the core, allowing side clearance. This prevents the steel core from dragging or binding in the cut while still allowing the cutting edge to penetrate through the material. Depending on the aggregate being cut, different mixtures of diamonds and metal powders are used for various applications.

As the blade spins through the cut, it begins to cut (or grind) through the material. The material being cut also wears away the blade fracturing the diamonds inside the bond. As the bond wears, it discards the fractured diamonds and exposes newer sharper diamonds. Highly abrasive material will cause the matrix to wear even faster, allowing newly exposed layers of diamonds to cut.


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