WDS Super-Shield – High Gloss Lithium Sealer – 1 Gal. (RTU)


a white plastic container with a black and white label
WDS Super-Shield - High Gloss Lithium Sealer - 1 Gal. (RTU) $135.99

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a white plastic container with a black and white label
WDS Super-Shield – High Gloss Lithium Sealer – 1 Gal. (RTU)
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WDS Super-Shield – High Gloss Lithium Sealer – 1 Gal. (RTU)



Super-Shield (SS) is a patented, high-gloss, stain and wear resistant finish that

improves the shine, hardness and chemical resistance of concrete, natural stone, terrazzo, masonry, and other surfaces. Super-Shield (SS) is lithium water-based, and dries

quickly to a clear, extremely hard micro-coating that bonds and reacts with the substrate. Formulated using reactive silicon hybrid polymer technology for rapid shine development and excellent wear properties, this treatment replaces floor waxes and conventional resin based coatings.

Because of its unique chemistry, Super-Shield (SS) will not lift or peel from the surface, and periodic recoating requires no stripping. Super-Shield (SS)) is non-toxic, non- hazardous, and VOC compliant in all areas of the world.


This treatment can be used in conjunction with a high-speed burnisher to provide superior clarity and improved stain resistance. It will enhance the appearance and extend longevity of polished, integrally colored, dyed, and stained concrete.


  • Provides rapid gloss with maximum stain and abrasion resistance
  • Creates and extremely hard and breathable microfilm shield that will not delaminate
  • Reduces maintenance and cleaning costs
  • Lithium Technology – VOC Compliant



Grocery Stores, Universities, Museums, Churches, Resorts, Fire Stations, Aircraft Hangars, Automotive Dealerships, Shipping Terminals, Vehicle Maintenance Areas, Office Buildings, Healthcare Facilities, Cafeterias/Restaurants, Correctional Institutions, Retail & Shopping Centers, Schools, Stadiums, Veterinary Clinics, Common Areas, Laboratories, Lobbies, Mechanical Rooms, Mezzanines, Manufacturing Facilities, Warehouses, Storage, Distribution Centers, Food Processing Plants, Textile Mills, Wastewater Treatment Plants, Pharmaceutical Plants, Electronic Facilities, Cold Storage/Freezers, Beverage Bottling Plants, Chemical Processing Plants, etc.



Only apply when temperatures will be above 40ºF for a minimum of two hours after application. Clean surface to remove any dust, laitance, curing agents or floor coatings that may prevent Super-Shield (SS) from penetrating.


If prior to application, acidic or d-limonene cleaners have been used, neutralize the surface using an alkaline cleaner (TSP, Tide laundry detergent, etc.). The surface is ready for use when dry. Never over mix or bubbles and/or foaming may result making uniform application difficult to achieve.


Product is best applied in very thin coats. Never overapply product.  Apply Super-Shield (SS) with a microfiber floor pad that has been pre-dampened with Super-Shield (SS). With a low-pressure sprayer, spray a thin coating then spread material thinly and evenly using a microfiber pad. Backpack applicator systems work best for application. Use joint lines as work area indictors for best results.


Never over-work material into the surface. Leave after spreading. Allow every application to dry a minimum of 30-60 minutes between coats or before using. Improved sheen and stain protection comes with second application. Buff with a highspeed burnisher (1500-2100 rpm) and a hog’s hair pad between applications is recommended to improve curing speed and shine. Do not cover treated surfaces for at least 1 week; protective coverings may slow curing and cause some whiting by trapping moisture.


Do not allow traffic on surface until it is dry – typically 30-60 minutes.


* Always do a small test area to ensure the substrate is compatible with this product.



1st coat: 1,500-3,000 ft² per gal (36.8-73.6 m² per liter)

2nd and subsequent coats: 3000-4000 ft² per gal (73.6-98.2 m² per liter)

*Coverage rate will vary with concrete porosity and environmental conditions.



Use soap and water to clean tools and equipment. Although Super-Shield (SS) is non-toxic and environmentally safe, it is alkaline. Use up or dry out extra material and dispose of according to local regulations. Do not pour into sewer systems or storm drains.



Routine sweeping, mopping, washing and mechanical scrubbing of floors with water or neutral pH cleaners is recommended. Plain water is sufficient for most environments. DO NOT USE cleaners that are acidic or that have citrus (d-Limonene) or Butyl compounds. Consult a World Diamond Source Representative for further information.




Do not drink. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting; drink two glasses of water and call a physician. Wear goggles and gloves. If splashed in eyes, rinse eyes immediately with clean water and call a physician if irritation persists. Clean skin with soap and water. CAUTION: Surfaces wet with Super-Shield (SS) may be slippery.

Additional precautions, safety information and first aid treatments are contained in the Safety Data Sheet.



Form: Liquid

Color: White, dries clear

Odor: Slight ammonia-like  odor

Total Solids: 21.4% Specific Gravity: 1.06 pH: 11-12

V.O.C Content: <50g/L

Flash Point: N/A

Freeze Point: 32ºF (0ºC)

Shelf Life: 1 year in unopened, sealed container



1-Gal Jug • 3.79 L

5-Gal Pail • 18.93 L

55-Gal Drum • 208.20 L

275-Gal Tote • 1040 L



Super-Shield (SS) will not hide stains. Super-Shield (SS) is chemically resistant and helps reduce staining, but some compounds, especially acids, may damage the surface. Super-Shield (SS) will not bridge or fill cracks and will not salvage honeycombed or structurally unsound surfaces. This product will not alter the profile of a surface. Not suitable for asphalt, non-cement surfaces or painted surfaces.

If Super-Shield (SS) comes into contact with glass, fabric, metal, or painted surfaces, immediately wipe contaminated surfaces with a damp cloth, then wipe dry with a second clean cloth.

Make certain the most current versions of the Super-Shield (SS) Product Data Sheet and SDS are being used. Call Customer Service (1-800-611-8278) or visit our website (www.worlddiamondsource.com) to find additional tips, guidelines, and specifications. Proper application is the responsibility of the user.



The product and application information contained herein is offered in good faith and we believe it to be accurate. However, since conditions and methods of use of our products are beyond our control, this information should not be used in substitution for customer’s tests to ensure that our products are safe, effective, and fully satisfactory for the intended end use. Suggestions of use shall not be taken as inducements to infringe any patent. World Diamond Source’s sole warranty is that our products will meet our specifications at the time of shipment. Your exclusive remedy for breach of such warranty is limited to refund of purchase price or replacement of any product shown to be other than as warranted.




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