If there was ever an industry where the hard-won lessons learned by one company can help lift the fortunes of another, it’s the diamond saw blade and concrete grinding/polishing tool industry. The central clearing house for this precious know-how is the industry leader, World Diamond Source, the Floridabased innovator, manufacturer, and factory-direct seller of diamond blades and grinding tools for nearly 26 years. Each year World Diamond Source works with thousands of concrete contractors worldwide, all seeking the most profitable way to cut or grind concrete on projects of every description, from decorative concrete art to multi-billion dollar infrastructure projects. It’s a collection of “what works” knowledge without equal in the industry. Complimentary access to this insight is available to every World Diamond Source customer. Here are several examples of this powerful value-added benefit in action:

Tool longevity transforms job profitability

Situation: A major concrete floor finisher agreed to test World Diamond Source grinding tools to see how they compared with the bargain-basement tools they typically bought. World Diamond Source® identified the right grinding tools for the job. Client Reaction: “Wow! World Diamond Source tools last at least two times longer and we’re not done yet. I’m on the second job with the same tools. Normally, we use multiple tool sets on the same job. I can’t tell you how good your tools really are, because you’ll raise my price! [laughing]” Outcome: The client now “mics” World Diamond Source® grinding tools before each job to micro-gauge percent of tool life left from job to job (“one tool + many jobs = more profit”).

Custom Engineered Blades Create Profitable New Business

Situation: A decorative concrete contractor engineered a custom saw for specialty work. The saw requires custom blades not available as an off-the-shelf product. World Diamond Source dispatched a blade designer to personally meet with the Massachusetts contractor and determine blade requirements.

Outcome: Other blade manufacturers recommended the contractor reengineer his saw to conform to inventoried blades. The contractor refused to compromise saw design due to blade requirements. Instead, World Diamond Source created new blades on his specs. The blades now help the contractor “kick butt” and advance his business as never before.

World-Famous Freedom Tower Tile Cut With Wds Blades

Situation: Every porcelain tile in the 2.6 million square foot Freedom Tower (One World Trade Center) was cut by a World Diamond Source diamond blade. With up to 75 porcelain saw cutters working simultaneously, it was imperative the blades reduce cost/cut to breakthrough levels.

Outcome: Ordinarily, it would take approximately three years of R&D to “dial-in” the perfect combination of blade speed and life. The large diamond cutting workforce allowed World Diamond Source to compress the dial-in ETA to just three months. The resulting blade—the popular Zipper® blade—is the gold standard in porcelain cutting.

Why risk your income, safety, and reputation on junk blades or grinding tools from noname suppliers? For no additional cost, World Diamond Source offers you the same unmatched expertise and factory-direct pricing thousands of professionals worldwide trust every business day.

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