SUPER-HARD – 5 Gallons – Mono Silicate Densifier Concentrate


SUPER-HARD - 5 Gallons - Mono Silicate Densifier Concentrate $272.00
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SUPER-HARD – 5 Gallons – Mono Silicate Densifier Concentrate
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SUPER-HARD – Mono Silicate Densifier Concentrate

World Diamond Source® Mono-silicate Densifier improves surface performance and resists the harmful effects of traffic wear and weathering. World Diamond Source Mono-silicate dust proofs, hardens, and cures the targeted surface in order to protect against dusting, pitting, spalling, and efflorescence that can be seen on untreated concrete. World Diamond densifier is odorless, colorless, and non-toxic.

1. Perform main grind using up to 200-grit resin or equivalent resin bond diamond

2. Remove all dust and debris using an automatic floor scrubber and fresh water. Allow time to dry.

3. Spray SUPER Hard with overlapping circular motion. Lightly use pad applicator fitted with a Microfiber pad to spread evenly on surface. Product does not need vigorous scrubbing and will not form a gel. As product is absorbed into surface, apply additional product as needed until floor starts to reject the product. Keep floor wet for 15 minutes, spreading with mop to avoid puddles. Allow time to dry.

4. Grind up to a 400-resin bond diamond or equivalent.

5. Apply additional light application (optional) using a Microfiber pad.

6. Clean tools and equipment with fresh water before product dries. Over-spray and unprotected surfaces should be immediately washed off with fresh water. Allow time to dry.

7. Polish to the desired grit level.

8. Apply World Diamond Source SUPER Shield 1 and/or SUPER Shield 2 following manufacturer’s instructions to complete protection and enhance appearance.

9. Surface should be cleaned regularly using an automatic floor scrubber with World Diamond Source recommended cleaner according to manufacturer’s directions.


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